greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"...I thought the only lonely place was on the moon"

A leaden day, beneath a leaden sky. Currently, 36˚F, with a mix of snow, rain, and sleet forecast for tonight.

I had another restless night, poor sleep, and that makes the fourth in a row. Towards the end, there was a dream of being back in Athens, Georgia, and when I awoke I didn't try to go back to sleep again.

We've started eBay again. Please have a look at the current auctions. More items will be going up this afternoon. Thank you.


I have to admit I wasn't happy with the last night's "season finale" for the six-episode The X-Files mini-series. But not for the reason a lot of other people aren't happy with "My Struggle II." I was absolutely fine with the cliffhanger, even if it's never resolved. What I'm not happy with is that Chris Carter squeezed an epic story of global apocalypse into 87 minutes, the apocalypse we were warned about way back...well, way back. "My Struggle II" was horribly rushed, and Scully's illogical leaps, ad hoc reasoning, and unfounded conclusions left me wondering if I were watching an SNL spoof of the series. I can't help but feel that Chris Carter missed a great opportunity, and I don't mean to tie up all the lose ends and "finish the story." I don't care if the story is forever left "unfinished." If you know me, you know I generally don't give two shits about resolution. But we could have had a good six-episode mini-series that gave us a coherent look at Mulder and Scully fourteen years after the end of the original series (and seven years after the last theatrical film). For my part, I wish "My Struggle" had been told as a six-episode story arc. This was, alas, not to be.

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