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Howard Hughes and the Big Grey Beast

Only 11:22 a.m. (CaST), and it's already 51˚F. It won't last, but I'm enjoying while it does.

“Life is a very bad novelist. It is chaotic and ludicrous.” ~ Javier Marías

Yesterday, I got the new Tales of Pain and Wonder ms. off to Nicky Crowther. So, that's another item I can tick off the list. I still have to get them mss. for To Charles Fort, With Love and The Ammonite Violin & Others. But I'm beginning to feel less harried, less crowded. More able to look at what has not yet been written.

The Next New Novel.

The next two short stories.

The Next.

Aunt Beast
Tags: javier marías, progress, ps publishing, tcfwl, the ammonite violin & others, the next new novel, topaw, warmer weather

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