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"And now we ride the circus wheel..."

Bitter cold last night and today. Currently, we have a windchill warning. At the moment, it's 16˚F and feels like 14˚F. Our low last night was 9˚F, with a windchill of -6˚F. The world is scabbed with ice and snow, and there's more snow forecast for tomorrow.

Yesterday went well, actually. I made it to the Hay, and I made it all the way through Agents of Dreamland. And, much to my surprise, I think it's actually pretty good. You cannot imagine my relief.

“Cult writer. It's a weird term because it's complimentary but condescending at the same time.” ~ Dennis Cooper

Last night, we watched Belinda Sallin's 2014 documentary, Dark Star: H. R. Gigers Welt and then a documentary on Nikola Tesla. Personal heroes, back to back. I had a patty melt from the Classic Diner on Westminster. Spooky finished the Gorey Dracula jigsaw puzzle we've been working on, the most maddening jigsaw I've ever tried to do. I created my eleventh GW2 character, who also happens to be the first male GW2 character I've ever played (though he is, admittedly, a very, very girly boy). It was, all in all, a pretty decent day and night, despite a bad headache and a bad stomach.

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin.

Aunt Beast
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