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Howard Hughes, Gender Traitor

I am very much not awake at the moment. Not awake, I sit here staring out my office window at the bright light of late morning. Very sunny today, currently 49˚F, and the high will be 51˚F. Tomorrow is forecast to be even warmer. Thank you again, El Niño. This is almost an Alabama February.

A very good writing day yesterday. I did 1,029 words on "Build Your Houses With Their Backs to the Sea." My goal today is to finish the story and then, after dinner, get Sirenia Digest #120 out to subscribers. This way, tomorrow I'll be free to get out of the house. Though, I will likely spend the day proofreading...somewhere else. As long as I'm not proofreading here, I'll be okay with that.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Thank you.

last night we finished the eighth and final season of That '70s Show, which means we watched eight years in a little less than two months, two hundred episodes. I really fell in love. Big, goofy, nostalgic love. Last night after the series finale, which ends with the countdown to New Years Day 1980, we immediately watched the first episode over again. And then "Fun It," the theft of Fatso the Clown.

Now, kittens, it's time to wake up and work.

Aunt Beast
Tags: "build your houses", "electronaut's ovid", el nino, good tv, proofreading, that 70s show, warm january

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