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"When you were young you were the King of Carrot Flowers."

The sun came back yesterday, and the snow began to melt. The sun's still here today, so there's hope most of this mess will be gone before the next storm finds us. Currently, it's 33˚F, but feels like 30˚F. And don't be one of those people to whom I have to explain windchill.

I had a very good writing day yesterday, and I found my way into the next piece for Sirenia Digest, a science-fiction tale I've titled "Build Your Houses With Their Backs To the Sea," after an episode of Route 66 (1963). I did 1,052 words.

Last night, Spooky made black-eyed peas and macaroni and cheese, and I was entirely delighted by the return of The X-Files. It almost inconceivable that so much time has passed since the series premiered in 1993. A kid that was ten years old when the first episode aired is now twenty-three. Oh, and on this date in 1993, Belly's first album, Star, was released. I count it was one of the most important albums of the early nineties. It's an integral part of the soundtrack of my years in Athens, Georgia.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast
Tags: "build your houses", "electronaut's ovid", 1993, athens, belly, cold, snow, the x-files, windchill, writing

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