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fun with polymorphous perversity

I did 2,020 words yesterday, starting and finishing another of the vignettes for Frog Toes and Tentacles. So, it was a good day, in that respect. I hope to write another today. This is going to be a curious little book...

It's so cold out (48F, 40F with windchill) that my breath fogged when Spooky and I took our morning walk a little while ago. This sudden reversion to late February is something I could have frelling done without. Things will be better tomorrow, and I'll simply stay inside for the rest of today.

Subterranean Press is now accepting preorders for To Charles Fort, With Love. A number of people have asked in the last few days.

Oh, and I should mention that the second round of Spooky's CD auctions ends this afternoon. Check it out. She says thank you.

This has become a post of brief paragraphs.

Continuing in that vein, the new chapter of Setsuled's Adventures of Boschen and Nesuko is now online.

I'm holding out this desperate shred of hope that the final Star Wars film may not be the drenfest we got with The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. Yesterday, I read the articles on George Lucas in the new issue of Wired, in which we are told that, after Revenge of the Sith, Lucas intends to step away from big-budget flicks and make, instead, "highly abstract, esoteric" films. I think we can all be excused if we feel a mild twinge of skepticism at this point. In "Life After Darth," Walter Murch (who worked with Lucas on THX 1138 and American Graffiti), says of the last two Star Wars installments, "For me, those films pummel you into submission. You say, OK, OK, there are 20,000 robots walking across the field. If you told me a 14-year-old had done them on his home computer, I would get very excited, but if you tell me it's George Lucas — with all the resources available to him — I know it's amazing, but I don't feel it's amazing. I think if George were here and we could wrestle him to the carpet, he'd say, 'Yeah, I've gotten into that box, and now I want to get out of that box.'" But does he really? Speaking of the economics of blockbusterdom, Lucas says, "There's just an ecology there. If you're a mouse, don't expect to kill a lion, because it ain't gonna happen. If you want to have that kind of power, it's better to be a lion, because the mice are fine — you can have a life and everything — but the lions are the ones out there prowling and scaring the hell out of everybody." I'm sorry, but this does not sound, to me, like a man who is ready to settle down and make art films that are, to use Lucas' parlance, "way out there." It sounds, rather, like the same celluloid Napoleon who gave us Ewok Pez dispensers and Jar-Jar Binks.

Okay. Time to get my kink on...

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