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"Say what you want to say; hang for your hollow ways."

A snowstorm blew out of nowhere last night, but nothing much came out of it. There's a frosting on the ground and rooftops, not much more. Currently, it's 29˚F, with the windchill at 14˚F.

Yesterday, I finally finished "Eurydice Eduction." Today, I have to write a prolegomenon and put together Sirenia Digest #119, which I hope will go out to subscribers this evening. I also need to make the edits to "The Cripple and the Starfish." Next up, I have to take all the text files for Cambrian Tales, now that Spooky's done with the transcription, and make an actual ms. of them, and write a very short prologue/introduction sort of thing.

Last night, we saw Jonas Alexander Arnby's Når dyrene drømmer (2015; American title, When Animals Dream), a little gem of a werewolf film. Superbly photographed, understated, filled with whispers and unexpected tenderness. You should see it.

The wind is beating at the house, reminding me of all the things that winter wind signifies. I should wrap this up.

Aunt Beast
Tags: "eurydice eduction", "the cripple and the starfish", cambrian tales, juvenilia, sirenia late, snow, wind

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