greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

Whatever they call the day after Christmas.

Sunny today and currently 49˚F. And I overslept, which is really quite wonderful. And somehow we wound up with a nightmarish quantity of sweets in this house, and I think Spooky and I have both OD'd on Xmas cookies and candy. Ugh.

I have, however, discovered that I love stollen.

Today, I have to find the last scene of a story that consists of a very nonlinear narrative.

I'm not in the mood to recount mine and Spooky's Christmas, and I didn't write yesterday (figuring I deserved a day off), so I"m a bit at a loss for a blog entry today. So, let's just all come back tomorrow.

Until then,
Aunt Beast
Tags: "an eschatology quadrille", days off, food, nonlinear, stollen, warm december, xmas

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