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"I spent my life becoming invisible."

Last night, I slept more than eight hours, the best night's sleep I've had in many months. So, four consecutive nights now, and I feel almost decent.

But I'm running late, so this is going to be short.

It's overcast again today, which is really for the best. I can't take that sky today. Currently, it's 54˚F here in Providence.

Yesterday, I wrote 766 words on the untitled story. Which I hope will have a title soon. I might actually ask readers for a title. It's something I've never done before. Let me think on that.

“I do think that if a book is really well written, it's terribly difficult to see how it's done.” ~ Anthony Powell

Aunt Beast


Dec. 23rd, 2015 06:38 pm (UTC)
I'm impatient with books: I stop reading a novel, when it bores me, I don't waste the precious shelf-space to books I know I will never read again. Yesterday Beneath an Oil Dark Sea arrived and I put it on the shelf to your other books and suddenly I realized, that this is my 16th Kiernan-Book and that your books fill a lot of space on my shelves. To be precise: On the way to the top, there are only the Collected Works of Goethe ahead. This is weird. I'm german. I read a lot of german books over the decades - and there are great german authors. But now, there is you, American authoress, writing in English, and I don't want to give away only one of your books. What comes on top: reading your prose is a very masochistic pleasure. On every single page I feel the frustration about the limitations of my English skills. I'm not with Powell: Reading german, I can 'see' texts. I see the layers, the subtle puzzle of semantic fields, structure, whatever … this is part of the joy. That does not function so very well in english: Reading your prose is like swimming on the surface of an ocean. I can see, that it's deep, I see, that there is a lot worthwhile exploring down there - but I will never be able to really grasp anything of it. As I said: frustrating and masochistic - and great and full of joy. I'm glad, I stumbled over your work two years ago. Thank you for it. I hope for a lot more to come.

Dec. 23rd, 2015 06:54 pm (UTC)

Thank you.