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Another leaden day. Overcast, foggy, twilight at noon. Currently, it's 48˚F.

Yesterday, I did 717 words on "Build Your Houses With Their Backs to the Sea." And I can see this is a day when I simply don't have very much to say here. It doesn't help that I'm not awake. Though at least I got a solid five hours sleep last night, the best I've had since coming off the gabapentin.

Last night, we saw Bill Pohlad's excellent Brian Wilson biopic, Love and Mercy (2014).

Aunt Beast


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Marc D. Goldfinger
Nov. 12th, 2015 05:11 pm (UTC)
True Detectives Season 2
Caitlin, I don't know if you've seen it; I haven't but this guy or gal or is selling it on Ebay for $22.99 or something. I checked their Feedback and they had great Feedback for the item so I jumped for it. Also this other guy is selling Daredevil Emmy package with 4 other shows with 4 episodes in each one for $2.97 + shipping+$7.53 and I got one and it works. So that's the news; I know you like to watch stuff. He has a few of The Strain Emmy episodes for the same price too.

I hope you don't mind me telling you this; I know you watch stuff so I thought you might be interested.
Peace, Marc
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