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"Crank, my dream complete."

After a chilly, cloudy, wet week, the sun is back today. We last saw it here on Sunday, September 27th. Currently, it's 58˚F. And we were all lucky here, as regards Joaquin.

It's been a chaotic six days, and today I settled back down to once more focus exclusively on the screenplay for The Red Tree. I need to do at least three pages a day if I'm going to finish a first draft by the 21st, which is a moderately arbitrary, self-imposed deadline. With luck, I can manage more than three pages a day.

This is one of those times when I sit down with a more or less fully formed blog entry in my head, then throw the whole thing out. Well, not the whole thing. I'm keeping this bit from Deep Space Nine, from a conversation between Quark and Elim Garak:

Quark: Take a sip of this.
(Garak looks skeptically at the drink.)
Garak: What is it?
Quark: A human drink. It's called root beer.
(Garak eyes it suspiciously.)
Garak: I don't know...
Quark: Go ahead. Aren't you just a little bit curious?
(Garak hesitates a beat, but then takes a sip. He immediately makes a face.)
Quark: What do you think?
Garak: It's vile.
Quark: I know. It's so bubbly and cloying and...happy.
Garak: Just like the Federation.
Quark: And you know what's really frightening? If you drink enough of it, you begin to like it.
Garak: It's insidious.
Quark: Just like the Federation.

If only more of the show had been half so marvelous of that exchange. Though, actually, the exchange comes from one of the series' better episodes, "The Way of the Warrior" (Season 3), which manages to work despite Avery Brooks' painfully stilted acting and the dithering, fretting antics of Worf, the Emo Klingon. The episode certainly has one of the best television Star Trek battle sequences.

Anyway, off to the word mines.

Aunt Beast
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