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"I look up, and I see the raising of an old hope, brave and tattered"

Low seventies right now, almost no clouds. A gorgeous day. I'm not about to spend it sitting here all damn day. We may run errands. We may say fuck it all and head for the shore. I did go out yesterday, as far as the park, which is the most Outside I've had since the 14th.

Yesterday I pulled Sirenia Digest #116 together, and it should go out to subscribers this evening. Last night, I talked with Josh Boone. I've sent him the first 27 pages of The Red Tree screenplay, and now I'm waiting on notes from him and two producers. It's a very strange thing.

The forecast clouds did not appear last night, and we were afforded a beautiful view of the eclipse out the windows of the front parlour. Spooky took some photos, though she was shooting through two panes of glass (window + closed storm window). Here's one, as the eclipse neared maximum:

And now I should go and attend to some business stuff, so that we can leave the House.

Aunt Beast
Tags: autumn, book to screen, eclipses, josh boone, outside, shut in, the moon, the red tree

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