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"And I could make you fly away..."

Sunny, a few clouds. Currently 69˚F. I haven't left the house since Monday the 14th. What the fuck, Kiernan?

It's all been work and thinking about work, with a bunch of insomnia and sick thrown in.


A very good writing day yesterday. The screenplay has reached page 23 (out of a projected 80 pages). Sarah has just met Constance, approximately, I estimate, thirty minutes into the film. In some ways, the screenplay is considerably more impressionistic than the novel. In the absence of Sarah's growly narrative voice, surrealism blooms.

From Facebook:

Every now and then there's a disorienting moment when I stop and think, "Fuck, I'm actually writing a screenplay for The Red Tree that I've been hired to write." And it freaks me the fuck out. Then I have to get my wits about me again and go back to work on it. (yesterday)

~ and ~

Sometimes, the ideas come so hard and so fast that they're as good as a stone about my neck. (yesterday)


Way back last winter (or autumn, I can't recall), I began working my way through all of Star Trek, all five series. And I've pretty much finished. There have been some surprises. The greatest is that Enterprise* emerged as my favorite of the bunch, despite the fact that I hated it during its original run. Another surprise is how incredibly uneven and often awful Deep Space Nine is. I used to believe that DS9 was the best of the lot, and it's often cited as the most critically successful Star Trek series. But the acting, direction, and writing is frequently abysmal. I find Avery Brooks almost impossible to watch. It isn't difficult to figure out why Benjamin Sisko found himself assigned to the ass end of the Alpha Quadrant. Terry Farrell is almost as bad, and Dax is painfully chipper. Even her hair annoys me. And to think I used to find those spots sexy. The actors who carry the series, curiously enough, are those in the heaviest alien makeup. Rene Auberjonois (Odo), Armin Shimerman (Quark), and Andrew Robinson (Garak). Oh, and Jeffrey Combs' splendid Weyoun is likely the best performance of the series. Likewise, Combs' turn as the prickly Commander Shran is the highpoint of Enterprise.

Oh, and the new Muppet Show stinks. In half an hour, I laughed twice. It's a sad, sad thing, the new Muppet Show, and I can only pray it dies a quick, unnoticed death.

Never say I don't wear my nerdiness on my sleeve.

Aunt Beast

* Despite having one of the worst theme songs in the history of...anything.
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