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"Motel sprees, and I'm singing."

The perpetual daylight hangs on, but after the weeks of UV hell, it's a relief. A good long rain last night. A solid week of that and our drought would be lessened. Currently, it's 67˚F in Providence.

Yesterday was another day spent mostly pulling together the last bits of Beneath an Oil-Dark Sea. I chose the pages from Alabaster that will appear in the limited edition, and Kathryn got high-resolution scans from Steve Lieber. So, I have pretty much all the artwork on hand. My absolute deadline for everything that will appear in the book is the 15th, so it's gotten a little hairy here at the end. We still have to get the author's photo taken.

In the evening, Josh Boone called and we spent an hour or so talking about the screenplay for The Red Tree (and a small bit about The Drowning Girl). As I said last night on Facebook, during the conversation I distilled The Red Tree into one sentence: "A haunted woman learns the secret history of a haunted place." In a nutshell. I've pretty much tossed out everything I've done on the screenplay so far, and I'm starting from scratch. This is pretty much terra incognita.

It looks as if we'll be heading back to Woodstock for two weeks, the second half of October. Hopefully, I'll have the first draft of the screenplay finished by then. Oh, yeah. This is something I have to write in drafts. Another first for me.

Last night we watched Solaris (2002) and Jacob's Ladder (1990). I'm revisiting some of my favorite films. Tonight, I think I'll go with Miller's Crossing (1990) and Blue Velvet (1986).

“There is no such thing as ‘was’ - only ‘is.’ If ‘was’ existed, there would be no grief or sorrow.” ~ William Faulkner

Aunt Beast
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