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Howard Hughes and the Nice Men in White Coats

It's going to be hot in here today. Currently, it's sunny and 85˚F outside. In the middle parlour, it's already 81˚F. We should probably head for the library or somewhere else that's cool, but work may make that impossible.

You wouldn't believe that someone could proofread a six-hundred page collection and then forget they'd done it, but I did. I actually proofed Beneath an Oil-Dark Sea way back in December, while I was in Woodstock (the first time). On January 23rd, I sent all the corrected pages to subpress*. And then I forgot that I'd done it. On the one hand, well, that's a huge relief. On the other hand, what the fuck?

Yesterday I pretty much finished proofreading Agents of Dreamland. Which isn't the same as genuinely being finished, but it's close.

From Facebook: No one yet knows for sure if the end of the third season of Defiance was the end of the series, but if it was, it's a beautiful, sad, sweet, perfect ending.

~ and ~

What makes proofreading such a nightmare for me is that when I say proofreading what I actually mean is a sort of tedious sentence-level micro-revision. I consumes vast amounts of time, and it can't be done by anyone but me.

Aunt Beast

* At a cost of $42.
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