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Howard Hughes vs. the Big Blue

Today is still autumn. They say tomorrow will be summer again. Currently, it's 77˚F and sunny, with the humidity at 44%.

And Alice B. Sheldon (aka James Tiptree, Jr.) was born on this day, 100 years ago.

Yesterday was spent at the John Hay Library, proofreading "Agents of Dreamland." But I only made it through 48 out of 76 pages. I'll need to finish the remainder today. I also have to work on choosing the artwork for the limited edition of Beneath an Oil-Dark Sea. I've discovered that I have a very, very short time to get through the proofreading on that collection (the ARC comes to 603 pp.). I'm not precisely sure how I'm going to manage that, but it's plain now that I made the right decision when I chose not to attend Necronomicon. I have to get through all this and go back to work on the screenplay, which is (and has to be) my first priority until it's finished.

My favorite barbecue place on earth just happens to be named Dreamland (Tuscalooa, Birmingham).

And that's it for today.

Aunt Beast
Tags: "best of crk" project, agents of dreamland, alice b. sheldon, barbeque, birmingham, green autumn, john hay library, priorities, proofreading, the red tree, tiptree award, too much work

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