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The heat has broken for now, but the humidity is murder. And I only slept about four and a half hours last night; I'm having trouble focusing my eyes. Currently, it's it's 76˚F and cloudy.

On Friday, I only managed 573 words on Agents of Dreamland, but yesterday I did 1,106. I'm still hoping to finish by Thursday evening. I just want this damn thing finished.

From my Facebook yesterday: Sometimes, the worst sort of pressure in the world is the weight of all the people who are convinced that you can do something, just because you've done it before.

And from day before yesterday: And then I hit that place, two thirds of the way to THE END, when I simply have no idea what the fuck happens next.

I should be in Alabama right now. We were supposed to have moved by now. And speaking of the move, Writers House has cut the check for the option and FedExed it to me. I don't have it yet. Probably Monday. The downside, of course, is that one third of it's going straight to the 2014 taxes. As I said when I first announced that the two books had been optioned, I seriously hope no one mistakenly believes that I'm suddenly free of financial worries. It was a generous advance, and much higher than the average. But people seem to think that optioning your book equates to riches. It doesn't.

Where I am right now, optimism is the worst irritant. Where I am, words of encouragement strike me as gibes.

I think it was very fortunate that I didn't go to Necronomicon this weekend. There's no way on earth I could have been pleasant to be around. Likely, I'd have spent the whole weekend hiding in my hotel room. But I am sorry I missed Joshi. And I am sorry I missed Ramsey.

Last night we finished Season One of The Leftovers. It's a strange, strange show. It has a lot of trouble pulling free of the formulaic devices of what I call Old Television. A couple of episodes focus only on a single character, and that's when The Leftovers truly shines. Other times, it can become seriously lost in the huge number of characters it's juggling. But it's intriguing. And the creators wisely choose to preserve mystery, offering no solution to the events of October 14th. For now, the inexplicable remains unexplained. And yeah, I find myself looking forward to Season Two. This isn't great television, but it's worth my while.

Aunt Beast


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Marc D. Goldfinger
Aug. 23rd, 2015 05:14 pm (UTC)
Books Optioned
I know a few writers that have had their books optioned--and it's been years and no movie. But then there are others who-slam-dunk-onto the screen.

I get what you are saying with that.

At least The Walking Dead is on whenever I turn on the tv today. Okay.
Aug. 23rd, 2015 07:15 pm (UTC)
I am still trying to learn my way around Facebook, and although I have seen a page for The Drowning Girl: A Memoir, I have not yet found one for The Red Tree. If I've not just missed seeing it, is it something that I could help to create while you are writing the screenplay?
Aug. 24th, 2015 12:42 am (UTC)
I know how you feel with the heat and humidity; Silicon Valley has been like that lately as well. Just walking to the bus stop to go to work I find myself wondering if I have a fever. I wish earthship house designs were more popular.

I’ve recently been looking into children’s shows that are interesting for adults to watch, scouting things for my friends who are having kids. I was very pleasantly surprised by a cartoon called Steven Universe: they manage to cram an amazing amount of plot, character development, and foreshadowing in a series of fifteen minute episodes targeted at children 8–11. Plus three superheroines of wildly different body types who never get judged for them, and a lesbian relationship being presented as healthy and capable of kick-ass teamwork. (It takes a while for the latter to become clear, but that’s part of the fun of the foreshadowing; once it’s explicit, a whole bunch of previous hints make sense.) It’s worth watching in order; the first 35 episodes are on Hulu and later episodes on Amazon Prime and the Google Play Store.
( 3 comments — Have your say! )