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" Pleadin' with your eyes. Gonna make you some peace some day."

We're looking at a few warm days ahead, low nineties. The end of summer, I expect. Presently, though, it's only 82˚F, Sunny, and the sky too blue. Never in my life have I so longed for a summer, and never in my life has a summer passed so quickly. And never before have I so allowed a summer to be wasted.

Yesterday was possibly the best writing day, in terms of word count, I've had this year. It's terrifying that this might actually be true. I did 1,582 words and wrote the entirety of the sixth section of Agents of Dreamland. If I could write that much every day, I could be done with this thing in a little more than eight days. I will not be able to write that much every day. And, too, I have the enormous interruption of Necronomicon barreling towards me like an inebriated shuggoth. I shouldn't be going, because I can't spare the time, but Josh Boone and Judy Cairo are making the trip out, so it's going to be a work weekend.

I wish I had more to say in this entry. I don't.

Aunt Beast
Tags: agents of dreamland, cons, green autumn, josh boone, judy cairo, too much work

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