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Cooler weather. Currently it's only 77˚F and partly cloudy. We begin to approach green autumn.

Yesterday I wrote 1,017 words on Agents of Dreamland.

And I'm feeling bad about how often these entries are so very, very short, how my LJ entries of late don't bear much resemblance to the more meaty entries of years past. But the truth is that readership here bottomed out a long time ago, and it's hard to motivate myself to write on LJ at length. I'll likely keep the journal going, out of habit, and because I think there are interesting days ahead. Maybe another year, maybe a little more.

I'm not quite awake. Seven hours and all the drugs, they leave me groggy and turned about.

Aunt Beast


Aug. 6th, 2015 07:39 pm (UTC)
I'll keep reading the LJ as long as you keep writing here (and I have to re-buy a bunch of your books as soon as I unpack and see what I didn't have to throw out due to mold, so I imagine I'll be reading those again, too). I always feel weird commenting on strangers things on the internet though, whether they've got any measure of notoriety or not.