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"Yeah, I'm tongue-tied, and dizzy, and I can't keep it to myself."

No, I didn't write yesterday. But thanks for asking.

Here in Providence, we're coming the end of the Heat Blip, as we head towards the end of the second third of summer. Currently, it's 80˚F and feels like 84˚F, sunny, the sky a little less and wide and carnivorous than yesterday. Yesterday's sky was a fat, hungry sky cat. I didn't dare go outside, not even to smoke. Those cloudless blue autumnal skies will eat bat us about and then crack our skulls like the tiny white mice we are. Word to the wise. Keep watching the skies. They're watching you.

The second section of Agents of Dreamlands, "Words Written Backwards (June 29, 2015)," wants me to begin it today. But I also need to make the final decisions about which illustrations will appear in the lettered edition of Beneath an Oil-Dark Sea. And I have a mountain of eBay books to sign for Spooky. Well, it always feels like a mountain. Though after the 760 signatures of Tuesday, they're hardly a molehill. Anyway, in two or three days I have to stop and write something for Sirenia Digest #114.

Anyone know where I can get a pair of ruby slippers, on the cheap?

At 3:43 a.m. on Wednesday, there was a magnitude 2.3 earthquake in Rhode Island. The epicenter was only three miles from our house, at Fields Point. I was awake, but I felt nothing. Many did.

Notes from Facebook:

Yes, it's still godbothering if you're pagan. In fact, some of the worse godbotherers I've ever met have been pagan.


It is close to impossible to get a good hamburger in Providence, in part because of the obsession with "craft burgers" and general shi-shi crap. Just a good burger on a plain ol' hamburger bun, please.


Whoever said cleanliness is next to godliness, I'd like to know which god they meant.


In 2013 I got rid of ~500 books. That was maybe a quarter of what's cluttering up my house. Because we move back to Alabama (or Georgia) this autumn, I mean to get rid of another ~500, more if possible. It's about quality of life.


“Pure art and pure science are the pinnacles of human endeavor. You can add love to that if you like. So much of what we do is for money, power, or advancement, but pure work is important because it stands apart from the things that we do for survival and extends the range of human consciousness.” ~ Brian May, astrophysicist and founding member of Queen


It is a fact that I have never texted (and that my cellphone is ca 2006).

and (just one more)

maybeitstimeiritemynovel4millennialz♥w/allthosefancynewtotesadorbswordzlikestaycation&sexting&stuffexceptitwould blikealltl;drbecausememes&tropes!!! :-(amirite LOL♥♥:-) y so serious!

There. You may go now.

Aunt Beast
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