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"You know the way that things go when what you fight for starts to fall."

The word for today's weather is "muggy." It is, like yesterday, a muggy day in Providence, Currently, it's cloudy and 82˚F.

Not much to say about yesterday. We went to the movies, we we rarely ever do. There was a time I went to the theater a couple of times a week. Now I go maybe once every couple of months, usually. Movies have simply too expensive to see on the big screen. Which sucks. Even going to the cheap Tuesday matinées, as we almost always do, it's just too expensive to be a regular habit.

Anyway, we saw Alan Taylor's Terminator Genisys, and, much to my surprise and probably against all odds, I actually enjoyed it very much. It's the first smart (well, relatively) Terminator film since Terminator 2 (1991), and I think that I'd say, more than anything else, this film feels like an homage to Terminator 2. Emilia Clarke is a joy to watch, even if she does make an oddly soft sort of Sarah Connor, coming nowhere close to the gritty, hard-as-nails survivalist we got from Linda Hamilton (or Lena Headey, for that matter). She's sort of Sarah Connor Lite. I found Arnold Schwarzenegger unexpectedly charming. And I went in not knowing Matt Smith has an important role, which automatically raises the film's cool factor. I think the filmmakers made a smart move playing it lighter than the earlier films, especially after the mess that was Terminator Salvation. In places, this is a very funny movie. Oh, and Jason Clarke as John Connor is okay. Not great, but okay.

All that said, Jai Courtney is one of the least interesting actors I've ever had to endure, and I think it was an absolutely shitty casting move. He has all the the charisma of a lump of coal. Here's your main character, and you cast a lump of coal. And I absolutely loathe what 3d has done to how action sequences are filmed, how they're blocked and executed. The action scenes in Terminator 2 are far, far more effective. In Terminator 2, nuclear war was horrifying. In Terminator Genisys it's no more than a soulless SFX sequence. And what's with the fucking close ups? I'm pretty sure directors of 3D films are piling on the closeups. Parts of Terminator Genisys come off as an endless series of talking heads, almost painful to watch. I noted this same problem in the third Hobbit film. What the fuck? But still, all the problems aside, I did enjoy the film, which must mean Taylor did something right, even if it's hard to look past the flaws and say exactly what that something was.

Now, work.

Aunt Beast
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