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"The only thing worth fighting for."

Waking up is harder
Than it seems,
Wandering through these empty rooms of
Dusty books and quiet dreams.
Pictures on a mantel
Speak your name,
Softly like forgotten tunes, just
Outside the sound of pain.

Weren't we like a pair of thieves
With tumbled locks and broken codes?
You cannot take that from me.
My small reprieve's your heart of gold.
Weren't we like a battlefield
Locked inside a holy war?
Your love and my due diligence,
The only thing worth fighting for.

Change will come to those who
Have no fear.
But I'm not her. You never were
The kind who kept a rule book near.
What I said was never
What I meant,
And now you've seen my world in flames,
My shadow songs, my deep regrets.
~ Rosanne Cash