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"A part-time thing, a paper ring."

Today is the ninth anniversary of Sophie's death. Time just hemorrhages.

It seems that summer has finally arrived in Providence. Eighties the last two days and a projected high of 86˚F today. It's a welcome respite from the lingering chill of Cold Spring. And I slept well for three consecutive nights. But last night wasn't one of them. So, I'm a little foggy today.

We lost Christopher Lee. I met him in London in October 1997, and he borrowed a pen from me. What a fine fellow was he.

Wednesday was spent in the storage units in Pawtucket, sweating and sorting through both the dust and newsprint detritus of my life, putting together the second lot of material for the John Hay Library. This included Pandora, my MacIntosh Color Classic, my first Mac and the machine on which I wrote Silk, Threshold, and every one on my short stories that was "penned" between July 1993 and September 2001. Also, several manuscripts and hand-corrected CEMs, the keyboard that The Drowning Girl and The Red Tree were written on, a copy of pretty much every novel, chapbook, collection, and comic that I've ever published (there are a few gaps left to fill), one of my two copies of the Death's Little Sister demo tape (The Regrets and a Curse), and the last of my DC/Vertigo files (Box 2 of 2). Yesterday, we met Christopher Geissler at 2 p.m. and unloaded the van onto a big hand truck. I think it was all even stranger this time around than last, handing over so much of my past. Pandora, that was the strangest part of all, but she'll be safe with the Hay. Kathryn and I will be delivering the third lot of material in early July. Christopher says that there will, at some point, be "an event," including an exhibit and lecture/s, probably timed to coincide not with this coming Necronomicon but the next, in 2017.

After two days staring at the past, I need to turn my attention back to the here and now. To wit, I said on Facebook day before yesterday:

Really close to announcing very, very big news, related to the screenplay I've been working on since January. I think what will surprise people is how big this news actually is. Me, I'm just tired of keeping the secret. Even my mom doesn't know what's up! Hopefully, the announcement will come by the end of June.

Soon now, kittens. Soon.

When we got home I did some work on both Houses Under the Sea: Mythos Tales and the volume of juvenilia (title soon TBA). Last night, after a cold dinner of pasta salad, we gorged on the new season of Orange in the New Black. Well, I suppose the parlance of our times would have me say that we binged, but isn't it the same thing? Sure it is. Also, I read "The first soft-shelled turtle from the Jehol Biota of China," a description of the new Early Cretaceous genus Perochelys.

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