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Entry No. 4,356

I slept at least eight hours last night and awoke to sun. Which means today is already a vastly better affair than yesterday. Currently, the temperature here in Providence is 79˚F, and they say it feels like 88˚F out there. We'll find out soon, as we have to head to the storage units in Pawtucket.

“I don't reveal skeletons that would hurt anyone. They may hurt the dead, but the dead belong to me.” ~ Anne Sexton

Yesterday I decided that I'd prefer the stories in Centipede Press' Houses Under the Sea: Mythos Tales be arranged chronologically, by year written, which meant I had to not only ditch the partially complete ms. file (all my mss. are compiled in MS Word), it meant I had to sit down and figure out the order these twenty-eight stories were written in, twenty-eight stories going all the way back to 1999. The oldest of the bunch is "Valentia," written in July 1999 and only ever collected once, in To Charles Fort, With Love (2005). Anyway, I managed to get the new Table of Contents done, and then I spent two hours actually compiling the rough ms. It now has to be printed (500+ pp.) and proofread. I also still have a new novella to write for the collection (25k words), and it will also includes excerpts from Daughter of Hounds, the only of my novels that can genuinely be said to tread "mythos" territory.

And I repeat, after the novella for Houses Under the Sea: Mythos Tales I will be writing no more Lovecraft stories.

There was a bizarre kerfuffle on Facebook two days back, because I wrote:

Please, please, I have said a hundred times here, DO NOT USE THE ODIOUS "LOL" in your comments. NOT EVER. Thank you. And don't ask why. And if this post inspires you to be a smart ass and use "lol" in reply, you're banned.

Seven people "unfriended" me. I banned no one, but I do wish to point out that my Facebook page is private, not a public space. A lot of people whom I've "friended" seem not to understand that (the shudder quotes are there because I dislike how Facebook uses the word friend). Telling me what it's okay for you to do there is unacceptable.

Yesterday, I read "A new species of Ichthyosaurus from the Lower Jurassic of West Dorset, England, U.K," the holotype description of I. anningae. There are now four recognized species of Icthyosaurus; in 1900, there were more than fifty.

We saw a delightfully bizarre little film last night, David Guy Levy's Would You Rather (2012), a black and bloody bit of camp. Anyone familiar with the Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode "Man from the South" (1960), based on a Roald Dahl story of the same name, then I you know the basic conceit of the film. Jeffrey Combs steals the show and helps the director keep Would You Rather clear of the torture porn ghetto. It's certainly a lot better than it's 5.8 rating on imdb.

And I need to brush my teeth and get dressed.

Certified Genuine Beast®,
Aunt Beast
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