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The Last of Fifty

It was supposed to be sunny today, but it's overcast. They say we'll reach 80˚F, but it's current only 72˚F, and it was 77˚F half an hour ago, so...whatever.

Yesterday, I wrote another thousand words on "Le Meneur des loups."

This morning at 5:30 a.m., lying awake, I made a decision to take steps to remedy a certain, shall we say, lifestyle choice. It won't be easy, but I've grown disgusted with myself, and here I am at that place that I've sworn three times before – 1989, 1992, 2001 – I'd never let myself go again.

A very satisfying Game of Thrones last night. But no spoilers from me. At the moment, Sunday is "new episode night," since we get new Game of Thrones, new Penny Dreadful, and new Nurse Jackie. And speaking of Penny Dreadful, Eva Greene is just about the sexiest thing on the planet, except for Vanessa Ives, but since Eva Greene plays Vanessa Ives, it all works out.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Because contracts take forever, but bills don't give a shit.

Or was it walking upon the sea
That wore your two fine legs away?

Aunt Beast
Tags: "le meneur des loups", 1989, 1992, 2001, cold spring, decisions, eva greene, fifty, game of thrones, money, penny dreadful, waiting

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