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"Eyes in a moon of blindness."

Insomnia. I might have mentioned that. About four hours sleep last night. I'm being pushed towards the arms of Monsieur Seroquel, and I don't want to do there. It never turns out well. Maybe all I need is milk and cookies.

Yesterday I wrote a short foreword, "The Tomahawk Man and the Gentleman from Providence," for Sean Moreland's The Lovecraftian Poe, an academic volume of essays addressing Poe's influence on Lovecraft. Among the books other contents, this essay: "“Not like any thing of ours:” Waking Poe and Lovecraft in Kiernan’s The Drowning Girl." It's the first time in a long time I've written nonfiction for publication.

Last night, I played some Secret World (not RP, just actual gaming), and then we watched the first three episodes of Daredevil. Very fun. I hadn't expected it to be well filmed. The fight scenes are handled excellently, and I like that we're seeing New York in the aftermath of "the Incident" at the conclusion of The Avengers. So, thumbs up.

Which brings me back to not having slept.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast
Tags: comics, edgar allan poe, gaming, insomnia, lovecraft, nonfiction, pills for ills, the drowning girl, the secret world

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