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"...gone all star white, small as a wish in a well."

The day is struggling towards a projected high of 64˚F. We've reached 61˚F. Bare limbs, cold air.

I left the house yesterday, planning to visit Paper Nautilus at Wayland Square, but they were inexplicably closed. So, instead, I dozed in the car while Kathryn went into Whole Foods. Inside the car, the sun was warm. There was spaghetti for dinner, and, really that does a pretty good job of summing up yesterday. I was too ill from the indulgences of Saturday to do anything that required thought.

Except that I realized I've already written a take on "The Snow Queen," way back in July 2006, "The Cryomancer's Daughter (Murder Ballad No. 3)" (Sirenia Digest #8). I can be forgiven for having forgotten that. I've probably written a hundred stories since then. But it did leave me wondering it there's any point in looking at that fairy tale again.

Aunt Beast

Postscript: I have a mockup for the cover of the Drugstore Indian Press second edition of A is for Alien, which will be out later this year. The art is by Richard A. Kirk.

Tags: "the cryomancer's daughter", "the snow queen", 2006, a is for alien, cover art, outside, ps publishing, rickard kirk, wasted days

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