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Postcards from the Chill

No sign of green, no sign of leaves or flowers. I'm expected to take solace in buds that likely won't open for another month. No sun today. Currently it's rainy and 43˚F, but it only feels like 36˚F.

I have to keep telling myself, only three months, three weeks more of this, and then I'll never have to step foot in Rhode Island again.

We're heading back to Woodstock today, because the final fitting of the crown is tomorrow. We'll spend one night in the cabin, see Neil, and then come straight back after my dentist appointment tomorrow.

Yesterday, I left the House for the first time since April 1, and I left the property for the first time since we came home on March 31st. Not by choice, but I did go out.

I wrote nothing yesterday.

Wish you were here.

Aunt Beast
Tags: anger, bad teeth, cold spring, depression, moving, neil, not writing, outside, shut in, woodstock

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