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The Next to the Last Day

We've decided to stay until Tuesday. There was just too much packing and cleaning and such.

The day is sunny, and there's a storm of songbirds outside, overseen by a noisy flock of crows. Currently, it's 32˚F, with no windchill. The sun feels warm, as long as you're inside.

Today, I'll get Sirenia Digest #110 out.

I have three photos from yesterday (and not much else to say at the moment):

A brave and stingy sign of spring, just outside the cabin.

I have this compulsion about saving bottle caps.

We spent much of yesterday working on this jigsaw puzzle – Diego Rivera's Detroit Industry (1933) – because we have to finish it before we leave Woodstock.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast
Tags: birds, bottle caps, cold spring, flowers, jigsaw puzzles, sirenia digest

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