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"Well now, Luke, my friend, what about young Anna Lee?"

The wendigo rages. The wind is pounding the cabin, moving the big trees out there like they're branches. Last week's stingy bit of warmth is only a memory. Currently, it's 41˚F, but the windchill is at 28˚F. I have a headache. My sinuses are throbbing. I feel dehydrated. I slept for shit, the wind waking me, the cold waking me, my dreams waking me. Now and then, the sun shines through the clouds. I have this nagging feeling I should be back in Providence, adding to the discomfort.

We would have gone home a week or two, were it not for the dental emergency and my having started with a dentist here. At this point, if we go back I'd either have to find a new dentist to finish the work, or we'd have to come back here twice. It's all a bit of a mess.

It will be so strange to go back to the constant noise of the city.

And all those people.

Whom I never see.

Currently, it's 67˚F in Birmingham, and the high there toady will be 73˚F. Last year, the temperature in Providence didn't break 70˚F until early May.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,270 words, letters P, R, and Q for "The Aubergine Alphabet."

There are days, like today, I really don't like seeing my mind described as "dark and twisted."

Aunt Beast
Tags: 2014, addiction, bad teeth, birmingham, cold spring, cold weather, home, pain, providence, the aubergine alphabet, wendigo, wind

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