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"He sings them for you special. He knows you're afraid of the dark." (Again)

Fifteen minutes ago, huge flakes were spiraling slowly down from the clouds. And now they've stopped, and the sun is shining. The temperature is supposed to rise to 40˚F today. The long, slow melt has begun. But I know it doesn't mean warm weather any time soon. Last year, we didn't have a day reach 70˚F – in Providence – until well into May. Last year – in Rhode Island – it was late May, early June, before the trees were well and truly green. And I have to focus on the beginning of the melt, that this is better than the smothering snow, and not consider how long until I feel anything remotely like summer, or I feel the panic coming on. The panic's like a wet towel over my face.

At least we're you lot are back on Daylight Saving Time, which means I can stop explaining to people why I spend the entire year on DST, every year since 2003.

Yesterday, I finally got back to work on the screenplay. Which is really all I can say about that. For now.

Spooky took Hubero out on his leash/harness yesterday, and he apparently had a blast. I wish there were photos, because I didn't see it. He came to us harness trained, part of the mystery of the life he lived before we adopted him in 2006.

Spooky made Indian food for dinner.

We may never find a new artist for The Good, the Bad, and the Bird. I've now rejected a half dozen since Joëlle Jones quit to chase greener pastures. I'm pretty sure I no longer care, one way or the other.

Kathryn's asking Selwyn how long before we have to begin worrying about bears.

Aunt Beast
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