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"You can choose the dancer if you could choose the flame." (8.5 Vicodon)

I haven't been sleeping well, so last night I broke down and took a Seroquel. And I slept. And today I feel like I'm moving through Jell-O. Yes, I know Seroquel isn't a sleep aid, but it's about the only thing that puts me to sleep and keeps me asleep more than three or four hours. I slept somewhere between eight and nine hours, possibly the most I've slept since we came to Woodstock.

I took my last antibiotic dose yesterday afternoon. And thank fuck, because it was making me sick as a dog. The next stage, they finish the root canal.

There's more snow on the way today and tonight. Then we get a freak warm spell tomorrow – 42˚F – and then the temperature plunges to 19˚F for the night's low. Gods, I'm weary of cold. Of snow. Of ice. Currently, it's 23˚f.

Yesterday, I signed the signature pages for the signed edition of S.T. Joshi's Black Wings IV, which includes my story "Black Ships Seen South of Heaven" and which can now be preordered (as can the trade edition). And there was a lot of email yesterday. An awful lot of email. And there still isn't a replacement artist for Alabaster: The Good, the Bad, and the Bird. I finished the layout on Sirenia Digest #109, and as soon as the PDF is ready, it'll go out to subscribers. That was pretty much yesterday.

Last night, I began reading Chet and Maureen E. Raymo's Written in Stone: A Geological History of the Northeastern United States. I did some RP in The Secret World. We watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead and began Season Five of The West Wing.

Ah, the life of the Wannabe Intellectual.

Aunt Beast

LAST DAY: "Humble Subterranean Press Bundle." Now, you guys know how I feel about ebooks. You may or may not also know that I am a fervent defender of DRM. However, freelancers often cannot afford to have the courage of their convictions; I need the money. So, if you want $96 worth of ebooks from SubPress for a minimum of $12.37 ("pay what you want"), including my World Fantasy Award-winning The Ape's Wife and Other Stories, there you go. Do not ask me questions about platforms and shit, because I don't know the answers. All that stuff is at the website at the other end of that link.
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