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News from the Province of Shattered Horses (13 Vicodin)

Here in Woodstock, it's currently sunny and 11˚F; the trees mercifully block out the wide, carnivorous sky.

Yesterday evening, a premolar that I should have had fixed a year ago shattered, split in half (upper left, 1st pm, lost the buccal half). Likely, this is the result of the blow to to jaw I took on the 19th, when I hit myself in the face with the bottle from the water cooler. And I'm sitting here, waiting on a check that's long overdue. And this is something that has to be fixed immediately. So, last night Kathryn set up a page on gofundme: "Fix Caitlín's Tooth." We're also accepting donations via PayPal, for people who prefer to go that route. Our PayPal is All donations, no matter how small, are enormously appreciated. We seem to have located a dentist here in Woodstock who can do the work.

On Sunday, I finished Part One of "The Aubergine Alphabet," letters L and M. It will be featured in Sirenia Digest #111, out as soon as I can pull the issue together. The end of February always sneak up on me, without fail.

There's no wrong way to read Peter Straub's Ghost Story – except ebooks. But reading it while all but snowed into a cabin in the woods in the Catskills might be the best possible way to read it.

The two most recent episodes of The Walking Dead, brilliant. The scene in the barn...well, I won't spoil it. We've also been working our way through Season Four of The West Wing. I read "Skeletal variation and ontogeny of the Late Triassic Dinosauriform Silesaurus opolensis."

Yeah, okay. That's enough for now.

Aunt Beast
Tags: bad days, bad teeth, ghosts, good tv, peter, reading, the aubergine alphabet, the manitou

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