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"...on their wings, on our knees, crawling careless from the sea." (21 Vicodin)

The air in the cabin is so dry that it's uncomfortable to breathe. Kathryn has put water on the stove to boil, a sort of impromptu humidifier. The humidity actually hasn't been low out there; indeed, it's run rather high some days (70-80%). However, today it's 44%, and I think the fire in here has made it much worse. We're getting strong static shocks from water. Currently, it's 3˚F, and we have a windchill warning. The current windchill is -13. I've hung a curtain over that window to the right of the table where I work, the one in all the photos, because I couldn't take the sight of the snow anymore.

Spooky's trying to get a fire started.

Currently, my favorite music seems to be Iron and Wine.

I got no work done yesterday. I was, yesterday, essentially useless. Today, I'll do my best to do better. I did manage to read "Anatomy and phylogenetic position of Venaticosuchus rusconii Bonaparte, 1970 (Archosauria, Pseudosuchia), from the Ischigualasto Formation (Late Triassic), La Rioja, Argentina." And a little Peter Matthiessen. But there's no pretending it wasn't a day wasted, a day lost.

Wikipedia does not segregate heterosexual and cisgendered people into an endless series of subcategories ("LGBT Buddhists," "transgender hockey players," etc.). Yet, if you're a gay man or woman, if you're bi or trans, they point it out. And no one even seems to have seriously challenged this practice. Nowhere on Stephen King's page does it state he's heterosexual (note that having a wife and children ≠ being straight). He's not placed in a category "heterosexual writers."

Ta Ta For Now,
Aunt Beast
Tags: archosaurs, bigots, cold weather, distraction, dry, iron and wine, lost days, peter matthiessen, queer, wasted days, wikipedia, winter

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