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"But these lands they are wild. And these hands they are tame."

The sun and the blue are back today. And the view from the window nearest the table I'm using as a desk is guarded by oaks and pines and birches that draw branch lines across the sky, filtering its horrible intensity.

The world below the sky is white.

Today, late today, we may try to drive into town. The roads are likely clear, and we could do with a trip to the market.

About half an hour ago I posted this to Facebook: Secret Project Update: So, I've come to Woodstock to write my first screenplay. I will say more about this very soon.

For now, that's all I can say.

Yesterday we rested up from schlepping ourselves back out here, though I did attend to backed up email. Kathryn made spaghetti for dinner. I kept the fire going. I had a long hot bath. There's a handful of photographs:

The cabin has the approval of Hubero.

The view from the desk.

I must always have dinosaurs near me. When we were here in December, I brought Nigersaurus and Miragia. This time it's Ankylosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus.

Selwyn snoozes.

All photographs Copyright © 2015 by Caitlín R. Kiernan and Kathryn A. Pollnac

Last night, thinking about putting up photos today, I got pissed at myself for not taking pictures during the drive from Providence. There were some stunning shots I passed up. Above all, the sight of the frozen Hudson River almost a hundred and fifty feet below us as we crossed the Castleton Bridge, the landscape from above as Juneau bore down on us. A shattered ice floe stretching away, winding off north towards Albany, just visible in the distance, the dark silhouette of towers. Shad Island, raw and divided from the parent land. Glimpses of black water where the ice had fissured. And that whole world blanketed with snow, the sky a smothering carpet of grey-brown mist pressing down. I wish I'd taken photos. I'll have to settle for my unreliable memories.

Aunt Beast
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