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"Every mistake, we must surely be learning."

Okay, so...sudden change of plans. This monster of a snowstorm – they're using the "B" word – is racing towards us. Potentially "historic" and all that. Providence is due to get one to two feet of snow on Tuesday, plus 63-mph gusts. We spoke with Augusta up in Woodstock, and we're leaving in the morning, meaning to outrun this fucker before we get snowed in here for a week. Of course, outrunning something by driving towards it is both counterintuitive and sort of creepy. Still, this is the plan. We should be at the cabin by mid-afternoon tomorrow. Right now, though, we find ourselves twenty-four hours ahead of schedule – ahead or behind, depending on your point of view – and things are a bit hectic.

There's really not much else to say. There was no work yesterday. Supposedly, it was a day off, to recover a tiny bit from all the proofreading and tedious-ass bibliographic work, Today, I need to quickly attend to some small matters for SubPress and Dark Horse, and then I'll be switching into packing mode.

So, the next time we talk I'll be on Woodstock Time. the same as Providence Time. But you get the picture.

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