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"It's better to burn out than it is to rust."

Were I more the touchy-feely sort, I might say that today I am "in a bad place." Emotionally. The headache finally seems to have gone, the last vestiages fading not long after I awoke this morning. Well, the last time I awoke, the time I awoke with a leg cramp and gave up and got the fuck out of bed. Since we came here, I've had maybe one good night's sleep. Four or five hours a night. Six, if I'm lucky. And we didn't bring any Seroquel up here, because I'm trying to avoid the lure of a guaranteed good-night's sleep. Seven or eight hours would be heaven, right about now.

I'd hoped to get rest during this time away from Providence, and that definitely hasn't happened.

No sign of the sun again today. None whatsoever. It looks like twilight out there. Twilight with heavy rain. And the temperature has turned warmer. Currently, it's 42˚F.

I may try to begin Alabaster: The Good, the Bad, and the Bird #5 today. Maybe. I should. I should be trying to write something for the digest, but I can't do everything that needs doing at once.

I won't even get started on all the backed-up copyediting that can be done by no one but me, if it's to be done correctly.

Last night, we watched two of my favorite films, both of which had a great impact of The Red Tree – Joseph L. Mankiewicz' adaptation of Tennessee Williams' Suddenly, Last Summer (1959) and Robert Wise's adaptation of Shirley Jackson's The Haunting (1963). Notably, both films deal with homosexuality, the former much more explicitly than the latter.

I feel as if I've had no caffeine, though I have. Out there, a fog is rolling in to match the fog in my head.

Aunt Beast
Tags: alabaster, good movies, insomnia, proofreading, queer, rain, the haunting of hill house, the red tree, woodstock

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