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"The fact that they've been blindly deceived by those who preach and pray and teach."

Gotta make this brief, because the current bout of insomnia reached a fever pitch last night, and I'm running late. Sunny and cold outside, but warmer than yesterday. Above freezing, I think.

I almost made a long post yesterday about how much trouble I'm having finishing Alabaster: The Good, the Bad, and the Bird. But I didn't, and I finally found my way into #4. I wrote pages 1,2, and 3. The problem with this mini is basically, in the end, three fold:

1) What happens at the end of Alabaster: Grimmer Tales, that was for real, not a fake out. It was meant to be permanent. The end was meant to be THE END. And in order to write this series, it had to be undone. Someday, I'll write at length about why it happened and about why I agreed to do this third series. Someday.

2) There are too many characters. Six, plus some monsters. And really four is all there was space to handle in five issues. The way I write, yes. This leads directly to the fact that...

3) ...the story simply doesn't fit into five issues, and I was not entirely aware of that until the end of #3. The way I've paced it, to do this right, I need another five issues, not two. But two is what I have. I could trash everything I've done and begin again from page 1 of Issue No. 1. Only, there are far too many other deadlines, and so I actually don't have that option. I have to work with what I have. So, I'm ripping apart my original plan for how this thing wraps up, looking for any solution that will save the climax and ending from feeling rushed.

Anyway, time to write.

Aunt Beast
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