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"I'm a goddamn coward, but then so are you."

I'm still out here. I haven't evaporated just yet.

The last three days were spent with director Joshua Boone (Stuck in Love, The Fault in Our Stars). There are wonderful things I cannot tell you. I will when I can, just as soon as, but not before. Meanwhile, I leave you with this photo from last night, me and Josh being goofy in our matching Bowie shirts, very late at night. These are most definitely illegal smiles. This morning Josh left for Manhattan.

Also, I looked out the door of the cabin this morning, and I saw a sasquatch...I mean an author...tromping through the snow. I actually didn't see it until I looked through the view finder. Can you find him?

And some lyrics, from First Aid Kit, with which I am in love. I think of this as a Maisie song:

"The Lion's Roar"

Now the pale morning sings of forgotten things.
She plays a tune for those who wish to overlook.
The fact that they've been blindly deceived
By those who preach and pray and teach,
But she falls short and the night explodes in laughter.

But don't you come here and say I didn't warn you
About the way your world can alter.
And, oh, how you try to command it all still
Every single time it all shifts one way or the other.

And I'm a goddamn coward, but then again so are you.
And the lion's roar, the lion's roar
Has me evading and hollering for you,
And I never really knew what to do.

Well, I guess sometimes I wish you were a little more predictable,
That I could read you just like a book,
For now I can only guess what's coming next
By examining your timid smile
And the ways of the old, old winds blowing you back 'round.

And I'm a goddamn fool, but then again so are you.
And the lion's roar, the lion's roar
Has me seeking out and searching for you,
And I never really knew what to do.

Sometimes I wish I could find my Rosemary Hill.
I'd sit there and look at the deserted lakes and I'd sing.
And every once in a while I'd sing a song for you
That would rise above the mountains and the stars and the sea.
And if I wanted it to it would lead you back to me.

And the lion's roar, the lion's roar,
Is something that I have heard before,
A children's tale, the lonesome wail of a lion's roar.

And we miss the cats something fierce. And I miss my iMac.

Aunt Beast
Tags: bowie, cats, first aid kit, hope, imac, josh boone, lyrics, neil, smiling, snow, the catskills

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