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"All along the captain stands, hasn't heard from his deckhands."

Somehow we slept until noon, so I have to make this extra-quick.

Partly cloudy today, looks like. A relief. Yesterday's sky was a paper cut. At 55˚F, the temperature is passing tolerable. And the Beatles remind me that all you need is love.

Yesterday, I managed to get through four pages of Alabaster: The Good, the Bad, and the Bird (9, 10, 11, 12). Only ten pages to go on Part #3. I'm dropping little "Easter eggs" into this series that I think my longtime fans will appreciate.

Last night we watched most of Season Five, the final season, of Boardwalk Empire. Jesus, what beautiful work. Boardwalk Empire is a prime example of what I think of as New Television, which, among other things, is able to create exquisite movies that play out over months and even years, rather than only two hours.* I try to save a season of something like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, or Boardwalk Empire to watch in a single binge. Because that's how it works the best, by far. The structure is nowhere near the old-school TV formula with its reset button at the end of each episode. Instead, as with film and novels, story is cumulative. Nothing is inconsequential. As a film, a single long film, we saw the climax of Boardwalk Empire at the end of Season Three. Season Four was falling action, and in Season Five we arrive at a skillfully constructed dénouement/epilogue, in which we jump ahead seven years and the past and future collide and twine about one another. Beautifully filmed, acted, scored, beautifully written and directed, this is as good as television gets, and Boardwalk Empire promises us that something new and exciting is happening in cinema. Thank you, Terence Winter, Martin Scorsese, and Mark Wahlberg. Bravo.

Though, we still have two episodes to go before THE END.

Note! Ending soon! The auction for a copy of the Spanish edition of The Drowning Girl (La Joven Ahogada) on eBay, which is likely to be the only copy you see me selling for a long time. They only sent me three or four of these. And it comes with Santiago Caruso's beautiful cover. Thank you.

Now, I work.

Aunt Beast

* That's not quite what I mean. I'll explain tomorrow, when there's more time.
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