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"Me, I believe that the Garden of Eden was burned to make way for a train."

Yeah, okay, what I feel like today is shit. Migraine aside, that's what I get for staying up until four fucking a.m. So, fuck you Caitlín, you did this shit to yourself.

Except for the migraine.

Yesterday, I managed three more pages of Chapter 3 of Alabaster: The Good, the Bad, and the Bird (6,7, and 8). And I've got so much proofreading to do, I can't even keep up with it all.

Please note that the copy of the Spanish edition of The Drowning Girl (La Joven Ahogada) currently up on eBay is likely to be the only copy you see me selling for a long time. They only sent me three or four of these. And it comes with Santiago Caruso's beautiful cover. Thank you.

Also, Spooky tells me she's put new items up in her Dreaming Squid Dollworks shop at Etsy, including two very cool holiday ornaments.

I have to stop thinking that the present is a nightmare I'll eventually wake up from. I'm only tormenting myself.

At least there's sun today. Fuck all, I feel like a dead wolverine's ass crack.

Outta Here,
Aunt Beast
Tags: alabaster, ebay, foreign editions, money, pain, proofreading, then vs. now

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