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circling the [worm]hole

I think I'm getting ready to come out of hiding. I may spend the afternoon at Emory. Spooky and I read through Chapter Two day before yesterday, and I've been making notes for Chapter Four, though I've yet to get it started. And yes, I am terrified by this fact. I need to have the first half of a very long novel finished by June 1st. Of course, that's someone else's arbitrary deadline. The book and I will do as we need to do. There's nothing for it. I do not churn or crank or whatever it is the Nora Robertses of the world do. I'm still finding the story, the disturbingly large story, still making actuality out of infinite potential. Maybe "God" should have taken more than six days. Who's deadline was that, anyway? What was "he" trying to prove, exactly? The very idea of hack work is built into the Judeo-Christian mythos of Creation. But. As I was saying, I still need to get through a lot of the stuff I have on Woonsocket. Portentious things are coming in Chapter Four. I'll find the words. I always frelling do.

"No sleep for dreaming" say the architects of life...

My head is too full just now. The day is waiting for me.

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