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"Springsteen is the king, don't you think?"

The sky outside my window is lead, and there's snow out towards the Cape, and there's snow down in New York. So says the radar. Here, the sky is pregnant, heavy, and we'll not see the sun today. Day before yesterday, it seems there was snow before we awoke, just a little. I'd hoped this was still a month or so away. What is hope but wishful thinking?

This morning, I dreamt of a black night sky, even colder than the one outside my window. I stood on a bridge with someone whose face I never saw. I knew, though, that this person was a deadly enemy of mine. But there was something far worse coming, something that would destroy us both, and so we stood together on that bridge, united, watching the sky. Above the tops of evergreen trees, the Milky Way sprawled from horizon to horizon, and the Aurora Borealis crackled in shades of green and red. There was a shooting star, and then another, and then one more. Three. Like a signal.

Yesterday was a bit of a mess. Not exactly a day off – though I deserved one – and not exactly a working day. Still, not precisely a wasted day, either. I've read over "The Green Abyss," the piece I began for Sirenia Digest 105 decided to use "The Rest of the Wrong Thing," instead. It's worth finishing, and it's something that can be finished, though I have something else in my head now. So, not sure what will actually be in the digest this month. But I need to pull it together soon, so that I can get back to work on Alabaster.

I received a package from the marvelous and gracious Wilum H. Pugmire, containing a copy of The New Annotated H.P. Lovecraft, signed by Leslie Klinger and by Joshi.

And then comes the refrain, plaintive and high, please have a look at the current eBay auctions and also at Spooky's Etsy shop. Thank you. Truly.

Yesterday, I read "Anatomy of Colymbosaurus megadeirus (Reptilia, Plesiosauria) from the Kimmeridge Clay Formation of the U.K., and high diversity among Late Jurassic plesiosauroids" and "A giant marine coelacanth from the Jurassic of Normandy, France."

If you'd like to hear the podcast that I did during World Fantasy #40, with Peter Straub, Gary K. Wolfe, and Jonathan Strahan, it's right here: Episode #208 of the Coode Street Podcast. It'll be LIKE YOU'RE (cue reverb) THERE!!!!!

I should wake up, get dressed, and work.

Aunt Beast
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