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"God's dead." I said, "Baby, that's alright with me."

The sun is finally back today. I cannot, offhand, recall how long it's been since we had a sunny day. At this point, even that hideous blue sky doesn't make me ungrateful for the sunlight.

Yes, well. You've never had to lay down and hug the earth for fear of falling up.

Today, Sirenia Digest #105 goes out to subscribers. And, with luck, I'll begin Alabaster: The Good, the Bad, and the Bird #2. I desperately need to have that issue finished by the end of the month.

I caught the premiere of NBC's new Constantine. I very much wanted it to be good. And I think it might have potential, if it's allowed to grow. And if they slow it the fuck down. The frenetic pacing was almost too much to keep up with (especially when bracketed by the blinding rush of commercials; I'm not used to commercials). It would have been much preferable if they'd spread all that backstory over three or four episodes. Allow the characters to stop and breathe. Still, Matt Ryan at least looks the part, much more so than did Keanu Reaves in the Francis Lawrence film (2005). Indeed, the only genuine problem with that film was Keanu Reaves. It was a really marvelous John Constantine film, if you could overlook the utter fucking miscasting of the title role. And at least Constantine was allowed to smoke; in the NBC series he just carries around a lighter....

Did I mention how it should slow down? I honestly felt like I was watching something on fast-forward.

We made it through five seasons of Sons of Anarchy in less than three weeks. I became seriously hooked, somewhere early in Season Two. The writing and acting improved dramatically (pun likely intended) after Season One, as is often the case with television. Now, we're waiting to get the Season Six discs via Netflix. I'm a sucker for bad men and bad women, and clearly that's never going to change. At its best, Sons of Anarchy is a story about how the world makes villains and anti-heroes, which, considering the link with Hamlet, is hardly surprising. The world is a hammer.

Murder most foul, as in the best it is;
But this most foul, strange, and unnatural.

Oh, I almost forgot eBay!

Aunt Beast
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