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"...and the men who watch them, like hungry black eels."

Thanks to that horrid little bitch Seroquel, I sleep much better these days than I did this time last year. But something went wrong last night. At best, at the very best, I got five hours of sleep, shallow, restless sleep. And I feel it. Maybe it was tension from the wind yesterday. Wind can wind my nerves up like they were only rubber bands in the fingers of children. Maybe it was something else.

The storm has mostly pass on north and west, but yesterday it was fairly impressive. At one point, we had wind gusting to nearly fifty miles and hour, and the rain seemed constant. NOAA says we had .90 inches in the last twenty-four hours. Most of it came late in the day and in the night. We lost a few limbs around here. Had the temperature been twenty degrees or so colder, we'd have had a proper blizzard. Kathryn and I ventured out for a time, running errands, driving east across the wind-lashed river to College Hill. In that light, Providence was even uglier than usual. I think I said, "A razor blade in a broken brick." Benefit Street was better, the trees still holding onto most of their leaves and shutting out the sky, the leaves smoothing away the painful edges. There are very, very few cities that look better in the winter. There may be none. Winter turns cities mean, and it turns mean cities brutal.

Say something awful, as if fucking the world is your right. ~ Noah Gundersen, "Family"

I took a few photos; here are three of them:

Point Street Bridge

The Athenaeum

Benefit Street

All photographs Copyright © 2014 by Caitlín R. Kiernan


"The Green Abyss" has been shelved until next month, after I've finished Alabaster: The Good, the Bad, and the Bird. Instead, there will be something else in this month's issue of Sirenia Digest, a short story that has never, ever been reprinted, and that hasn't appeared anywhere since 2001. I'll say more tomorrow. I'll be putting #105 together today.

I should go. It's after noon-thirty.

I Wanted To Ask You,
Aunt Beast
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