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"And every shipwrecked soul knows what it is to live without intimacy."

So, yes, the unexpected warm weather came and left again. There were two comfortable days; this morning I needed the space heater again (I didn't actually get it out).

Kathryn and I both felt cruddy for a couple of days, mild side effects of our flu shots. But we went to Brown and Thayer Street on Sunday. There was an art's festival of some sort. And aliens.

I spent yesterday at the Providence Athenaeum, because it was a pleasant enough place to have to go over the page proofs for Raisin' Hell, to make sure all the STETs had been noted and my changes made and so forth. Fuck, but this novel has an ugly cover. A cover with no redeeming qualities. I can't even say it's my worst cover. But holy fuck, it's bad. You want me to sign copies of that novel, the first you'll have to let me rip the cover off. I can't even fairly say this book has cover art. It's just cheesy, by-the-numbers, cut-and-paste pararom shit. Which is a million shades of ironic.

Anyway, this afternoon I'll type up the notes on the page proofs and send them to my editor, and then, kittens, then I will be done with Siobhan Quinn forever. What started three years and four months ago – give or take a few days – will be over. And it's a great relief. I wish I could say the experience hasn't been a nightmare, but it has. Someday, maybe I'll write "tell-all" essay about it for Sirenia Digest (but I doubt it).

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions and also at Kathryn's Etsy shop. Thank you. The extra money is needed just now. There's a copy of The Dry Salvages, which we haven't offered in a very long time, and a couple of the hard-to-find chapbooks.

And that' all the time I have for now. Today, I mean to clean my damn office.

Aunt Beast
Tags: 2011, chapbooks, cherry bomb, cover art, editing, irony, libraries, page proofs, quinn, raisin' hell, relief, the dry salvages, ugliness, warmer weather

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