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"I'm living in an age that calls darkness light..."

Sunny and the sky too blue.

Yesterday, I needed to be out of the House. That may or may not be the same thing as needing to be Outside. We got out flu shots. The we stopped by Paper Nautilus Books, where, thanks to the Great Purge of 2014, we still have over $500 in credit. I picked up three books – Walking on Eggs: The Astonishing Discovery of Thousands of Dinosaur Eggs in the Badlands of Patagonia by Luis Chiappe and Lowell Dingus (2001), Unraveling Piltdown:: The Science Fraud of the Century and Its Solution by John Evangelist Walsh (1996), and the 1962 Canaveral Press reprint of At the Earth's Core (1914). We went by Eastside Market, then home. Spooky and I played a couple of hours of The Secret World together, and then we got an absolutely superb pizza from Fellini's (roasted red peppers, fresh garlics, mushrooms, ricotta, feta, mozzarella, and meatballs). We watched two movies and the most recent episode of Project Runway.

The first film, Anthony DiBlasi's Dread (2009) had its moments, but, in the end, too few of them to add up to a genuinely worthwhile whole. It could have benefitted greatly from the "less is more" approach. A little subtly. Also, I don't know why, but axe murders bore me. The second film, on the other hand, was very good, David and Àlex Pastor's Los últimos días (2013; English title, The Last Days).

That was yesterday.


There are things that writers learn to take for granted. One of them is readers who insist in telling us that our work is hard to procure. It doesn't happen to me nearly as much as it used to, and there's a good reason: My work is absolutely not hard to find. If you can't find my books in actual bookstores (including used bookstores), every one of them can be purchased from Amazon. The small press volumes may be purchased directly from Subterranean Press and Centipede Press. Yes, almost all of those are out of print, and yes, you do need a credit card or a PayPal account to order books off the web. But most people have those. Oh, and if the books are out of print, there's always EBay, where often my books can be found at a discount, and where they are sometimes expensive, but where they can always be found. But, if money is an issue (and it is for me), there are LIBRARIES. Many libraries actually do carry my books, including hardcopy, ebook, and audiobook versions. Yeah, you can actually check out ebooks and audiobooks. It's freaky. And if your local library doesn't have a book of mine, pretty much any book I've ever written can be acquired via interlibrary loan. Library's are very, very happy to do interlibrary loans. And, with a few clicks, anyone can subscribe to Sirenia Digest, as long you have an email and a credit card (and we even work out other payment arrangements, on occasion). Lastly, finally, if you have no money and you're terrified of libraries, and if you're ethics are a little flabby, I doubt there's anything I've ever published that can't be acquired online illegally, whether from BitTorrent or some other place that entitled weasels go to steal shit. Oh, and Google Books has stolen some stuff, too. So, there's that.

Almost all my books are, sadly, available as ebooks. Yes, I fucking loathe ebooks.

So, to summarize, no, it is not hard to find my books. Not anywhere on earth with an internet connection. Period. The end. Let's not ever have this talk again, please and thank you.


Today, I actually am going to put together Sirenia Digest #104.

So, later taters.

Aunt Beast
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