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The American South — Bastion of Enlightenment

Well, I've found nothing suitablly fragile to mangle, or perhaps I merely am lacking in the requisite will, so I'll pass along this story from CNN, courtesy blu_muse, proving yet again that some parts of the South might clean up pretty nice and all, but the wages of inbreeding and fundamentalist religion run deep:

IMAX theaters reject film over evolution: Some theaters in South believe 'Volcanoes' a tough sell (Wednesday, March 23, 2005 Posted: 9:48 AM EST [1448 GMT])

Someday, Southerners may finally get tired of looking like ignorant assholes, but I doubt it. Mostly, I want a warm, tectonically stable, politically progressive alternative that I might at last flee these accurs'd lands once and for all.
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