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"Summer I was fearless."

It's cold in my office. Actually cold. And I'm dreading dragging the space heater out. We've reached that point when the weather's too cold to open the window and still be comfortable, so I'm trapped with stale air and skies that are too blue. There's sunlight, but even the stingy warmth of a New England summer is fading from it.

And I'm not getting anything written. And I'm running out of time.

It's a tiresome and familiar refrain; I'm sick of hearing it.

On Wednesday, we drove down to Spooky's parents' place in South County, had questionable Chinese takeout, and watched all of the most recent season of Nurse Jackie in a single binge. The next morning was bright and chilly.

And we came home.

And here I am.

We're getting eBay back up and running. And every winning bidder gets a FREE Alabaster "Because Bird" pin. Also, the same deal applies to sales from Spooky's Etsy shop, while my limited supply lasts.

Now, I need coffee.

Aunt Beast
Tags: cold weather, not writing, south county, wasted days

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