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"The city sunset over me."

We've had our first cold snap, on the heels of my return from Alabama and summer. On the one hand, the cold makes me sleepy; on the other, it makes it hard for me to actually sleep. The sky is that shade of blue today. I haven't left the house since Thursday.

Yesterday, "Protoreaster nodosus (NYC 2014)" finally seemed to gain some momentum. I wrote 1,022 words.

Alabaster fans take note: If you attended San Diego Comic Con this year and happened to stop by the Dark Horse booths, you might have been lucky enough to pick up one of these buttons. Designed by me, produced by Dark Horse, I have a few and will be including them free with upcoming eBay auctions and sales of items from Kathryn's Etsy shop, attention and keep watching the skies.

While in Birmingham, I made a "CARE package" of food I can't get in Providence, boxed it all up, took it to the post office in Leeds, and mailed it here. Included were:

1. 2 bottles Texas Pete pepper sauce (tiny tobasco peppers in vinegar), 4.5 fl. oz. each
2. 1 bottle Crystal hot sauce, 6 fl. oz.
3. 1 box chocolate Moon Pies, 12 count, 24 oz.
4. 2 boxes Luzianne tea bags (total, 62 tea bags)
5. 1 jar Bama apple jelly (16 oz.)
6. 1 can Café du Monde coffee and chicory 15 oz.

There were other things I'd have liked to gave included, but it was only practical to mail myself just so much. So, no Buffalo Rock ginger ale or Cheerwine.

Okay. Gotta do that thing.

Aunt Beast
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